Finally we meet …
– Who are you?
– I am a souvenir. Someone you forgot … Someone responsible for your past.
– Get out , get out of my head !
– Do you know that your past …
– I have no past …
– I had to erase it to remake it again.. you had to forget all attachment , you mayest be the new messenger …
– Fuck you !
Then Black comes back , and I was afraid , afraid of failing . Fear of losing him forever. It took me several minutes to look at the world again, but something was missing , that if it’s lost, will sign the end of my life . Something sobbing , something saved also … the bird.
-He took just one second as a current that frees the hand that connected me to him, my hand was subject to such tensions that I had to let him go. Do you know that?
– The bird : Yes well no !
– You never taught me transplantation .This was what I needed.
– The bird : Because deep down I never knew what it was . If you had to choose between staying here or die, you would have chosen death, Like me. Transplantation is rotated , breaking the sacred touch that united us in the dark, and even if the panic, fear is embodied result , I continued to act. We shot ourselves in the hope for one thing: get out of here alive.
– This is the dizzy vomit , a time bomb inside the skull. A terrible whistling , the desire to die … and shock … I ‘m sorry I failed .
– The bird : don’t be fraid of anything, I am here.
– You’re lying , you know very well that reviews about everything in the world, becomes a kind of invincible threat and whose mission was to send us in a prison of despair and misery. I lost the peace.
– The bird: You know that you ‘re not an ordinary person , you must keep moving constantly , until where ? That’s a good question.
– Fate can be a stand under the yoke , Cain was one of them since his first scream and …
– The bird : I wonder what makes you flee . It is never good to turn your back on anything …
– I do not run away ! I will never flee !
– The bird : But there are things to which a human should flee !
– We must just run  , try to calm down, focus to Apparate without leaving half of his body behind.
– The bird : When death races you , it’s hard to stay calm. An idiot would think that I trained to sprint for the Olympics games , but I had no chance in crossing an idiot, or anything else. The only people I felt the presence behind me were enemies . Enemies that I did not deserve , but which nevertheless spent their time running behind me .
– He must know that one day !
– The bird : No, he did not need it.
– M .. I miss you !
– The bird : Well, you should know that the incessant waves of time is trying to make us sink into the ocean of oblivion, the inexhaustible rivers of blood always bring us to this moment of eternity .
– Will I see again ?

Parpaing:”The Witnessing”
oil on canvas 60×120 cm. Avihai Cohen