I am dismayed by so many images of decapitated, butchered children, exhibited cadavers, in the general silence of what I call the mass . As if some humans feel protected by imaginary boundaries or some armed soldiers. For me it’s humanity in its totality which regresses to the most elementary animal and barbarism. I see no difference between the Roman Arena and the newspapers of this century.

At the same time a rise of “a pseudo spirituality ” is felt everywhere …. Extreme paradox …. I understand why the misunderstood Maimonides, in a very voracious way (at the edge of fanaticism ) was against any form of anthropomorphism, any ethnical theocentrism and humanist thought .

All events or historical human projects are, for Maimonides, subsidiary questions. He is a static and ahistroique antidote for perfect human who does not need Messianic redemption (always relegated to a never coming future) because he reaches the human ideal in the world as it is .