The words on the screen like locust swarm are subject to what Walter Benjamin called “the vertical dictatorial ” … which excludes any form of meditative reading.

Literature, media and writing are degraded, serialized to a form of ideologies for the new “intellectuals” and loafers. He said about Baudelaire, the lethargic witnessed of the defeat of the labor movement in June 1845, which, as Marx said, was the most colossal event in the history of the European civil wars, which subsequently served as a fertilizer for the emergence of two totalitarian regimes in Europe (national socialist and communism), that he suffered a double dichotomy: he had an ear for the songs of the revolution but also an ear for the drum rolls of executions.  Because in the large field of the information and general demands, fine literature asserts itself only as a serial, due to the pervasive corruption of the media.

The loafers  shall be supplied with sensations, seller with customers and the little man with images from the world. Today we need to be aware of false consciousness and its utter uselessness in public discourse.

The historically effective writer or journalist has left the stage of history. Secondary orality has become the only medium between people and generates the loss of the correlative importance, makes us pick unripe fruit of the tree of knowledge and the general informational and social chaos.