I just started to read ”שיחות על תורת הנבואה” of Yeshayahu Leibowitz and I am already fascinated. Even if I see many similarities between Leibowitz, Nietzsche and Hannah Arendt regarding the notions of truth and reality ( Hannah Arendt cautioned that “the basic fallacy … is to interpret meaning on the model of truth.” ) I find in Leibowitz work a honest tentative to bridge the gap between meaning, which is the human interpretation of truth, and that naked truth itself and it’s perhaps the most abiding challenge in reconciling the human intellect with the human spirit.

Conclusions – I –  about the concept of truth:

On page 1-25 :

Telling the truth will not help, unless the listener has the tools for understanding the truth. You can not tell the truth – the truth needs to be revealed.

On page 721 :

Mass rally ( at Mount Sinai) can not lead to knowledge of the truth, but rather the opposite – a mass rally leads to the liberation of passion, bolt, and frivolity.

On Page 783 :

He who is not a prophet, his imagination is busy with trivialities, even if mentally it’s the truth.