“Come dance with me
I have a white apron for that.
Don’t stop ,
Don’t stop ,
Until the apron has holes
Come on. ” Jo Ann Endicott .

Use lyricals pretexts , cries, bursts , fragments taken through sampling loops, unstructured and exhibited as words/movement and not as words/meaning . This is what I call the rejection of the phatic communication, which in human exchanges, are all formulas used  to artificially maintain contact. Inherent hypocrisy of the social code.

Out of that the transition to speech can be referential , poetic, metalinguistic … In short, a language that is only a conservation of the exchange is banned from a world which is outside hypocrisy. It clears and destroys the hidden watermark.

You can close your eyes and ask: what would happen in a world without hypocrisy ? Human relationships and social policies would be different . Suddenly we will see the heart’s truth and the soul truth beyond propriety , conventions and standards. We will mercilessly go behind the scenes,  and any action Politicized by this social veneer will liberates animals-tensions , cries, tears, joy and suffering . We will systematically and without mercy pass in the live side of each act. Discovery of a steep world, vintage, happy, violent, confusing or even simple. Refuse phatic mode is the only way to put the facts on the social and linguistic hypocrisy.

By clearing the word of its intellectuality and its indoctrination in a standard, by separating it from the narration and consistency , it becomes verbal upsurge of emotion : a language made ​​of flesh and blood. A laying bare ” the sandal of the body” as said Shoshana Feldman – in “The scandal of the speaking body: Don Juan with J.L.Austin, or seduction in two languages.

The rejection of the phatic artifice can lead to the reunion of body speech without any complacency. Visceral links emerge  between words and experience.

This can be achieved for example, by juxtaposing simple propositions in a list. It allows a downfall :a jump. And this downfall below normalcy or the illusion of childhood simple pleasures and which the keyword is this cote from Pina Bausch : “Etwas ist da- un ist es weg” (there is something – and suddenly there is nothing) that can serve as a model for all triggers patterns . The imperceptible passage between presence and absence. Everything is in this moment, this tenuous relationship , whose feelings are no longer valid and are inevitably doomed to failure in a world where values ​​have been deteriorated .

My list :

– Telling something as if we were a mouse
-Play shooting
– Something for which one does not need a knife
– Take a picture of myself with an object
-A pendulum
– Say lovely things
– Reply seriously
-Night Out
– A dress tulle
– We was lucky it could have been much worse.
– The Trevi Fountain .
-Teaching -something
– A small movement of belly dancing
-Like a cat
– Movement. Everything stops.
– Do not let something get inside me
-Sunday in Wuppertal
– A being like a bird
– Shoot on fairy tales
– Do something with the lifeless bodies
– Walk- not in equilibrium
– Someone with whom it did not work
– A moment that keeps coming
-Underpinning something again
– Forcing a joke
-The reverse
-A mythological subject  related to Rome
-Wild cats
– The sea is getting closer
– Something that hurts physically
– A snowflake
– The last sunbeam
-Disproportionate reaction
– Something that is pretty useless
-A rustling

Picture : Lin Fengmian_Autumn Birds