From 1307 to 1321, was the genesis of the divine comedy: break with the middle ages, hope for a rebirth, a new feeling of hell, that will rule as King and Master over a cleansed world.

1601 came out Hamlet: the world is a prison , the finding has a sobering effect , even paralyzing in the beginning. But Hamlet made ​​his choice, rebels, wants to tear ” rotten ropes “.

From 1605 to 1615 was written Don Quixote, a very admirable attempt but how sad to oppose cold calculation and sordid interest of honor, to justice and beauty, these feelings of ardent souls , almost touching desire to overcome the concern for financial gain, and its new era by old dreams , with his closing eyes .

In 1808, then in 1831was print two parts of Faust , a work which embraces the whole human struggle for liberation , poem where losses are what they should be : arguments in favour of pursuing the fight.

1866, the world heard about the publication of crime and punishment with all the scope for which he is known. Terrible and microscopic explanation of life on earth. His work has highlighted the profound correlation with the brilliant revelation that Schiller did not just consider the passions in their extreme aberrations but was well aware how they were related to the system of thought of the individual.

At each philosophical or literary work always we discover once again the same truth : Never get the right result ne by a one-off initiative. Since the ancient until Dostoieveski , Dante, Cervantes, Shakespare , Goethe, Schiller, Balzac : Don’t you see the progressive realization of the eternal problems of humanity? Which condense and materialize ? The struggle of the titans so dear to yunger ?

Photo: Udo Lindenberg canvas
Title: Gitarren statt Knarren / Place weapons.