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1 and 19. Read Stevenson lighthouse while listening to Max Richter (three worlds) get upset that I didn’t build it.

  1. Read Oppen just in case i miss the City.
  2. Prepare my ski for winter.
  3. Stay immobile.
  4. Dream about the land.
  5. Learn how to eat the forest.
  6. Play with the little one.
  7. Read Ficciones of Borges and get completely perplexed.
  8. Have a drink
  9. Eat some chocolate and feel guilty.
  10. Bike after eating chocolate.
  11. Listen to ”ascension”, john coltrane songs are always pleasant to the soul and good for love.
  12. Read Amichai to remember.
  13. Make love.
  14. Imitate Coltrane.
  15. Read ”Cataclysmes” to friends who think they are coming Sunday to talk to me about their new business…
  16. Go hiking and pick up more raw acorn.
  17. Re-watch “Kingdowm of heaven” next week and learn how to stand up alone.
  18. Be with myself.