We through the moments of our early dating
Our own epiphany were celebrating
Of our uniqueness in the scheme of things.
More brave, more light you were than sparrow’s wings,
You stood beside the stairs in dizzy waiting,
And by degrees you led me where path brings
Us through wet lilac-bed of your curating
Through mirrored glass, to place of other things.

And in the night on me then thoughts so tender
Descended and the sanctuary’s gated gilt
Then opened to me, and your form so slender
Was lit by glimmer’s fall on naked tilt,
And I, awake now, joyful, “Bless you” uttered,
And felt myself so brave by blessing muttered,
And watched as gently from you sleep’s breath spilt,
And, turquoise universe towards you stretching
From table to your eyelids lilac built
A bridge, and on them blueish light was etching
Its calm – your hand was warm upon the quilt.

And rivers quivered crystal’s scintillation,
The mountains smouldered, glimmered briny’s shine,
And on your palm moved crystal’s oscillation,
Asleep, you occupied your regal station,
And – god almighty! – you, I knew, were mine.

You then awoke, and what a transformation!
The daily language used for everything,
Our human speech, was swept by inundation.
And “you” acquired a quite new connotation,
For when you spoke it signified a king.

And everything was changed, the elementary,
The humblest, things – yes, even bowl and jug –
Took station with us, guarding like a sentry,
The hardened water now new trenches dug.

And we were led I really don’t know where,
A moment’s mirage, then evaporation,
Whole cityscapes – miraculous affair –
And underfoot was minty sward’s foundation,
And birds along the way flew in formation,
Against the flow the fish were swimming free,
Before our eyes the heavens were unfolding…

Behind us still our fate was grimly holding,
A razor-handed madman, seeking fee.

Arseny Tarkovsky