” I consider that the trace of my hand is the gesture in itself. The trace of my hand is sufficient to communicate the energy of the gesture. It could even become a symbol of it”. David Altmedj

” Flux” was the last exhibition of David Altmejd I saw in Mudam Luxembourg. It’s all about dislocation and fragmentation in constructions modules, mirrors and multiplied visual effects. David is attached to the idea of an universal world that is absorbed as it is reflected in this stunning representation of crystallization of time, cultures and images that we face and that engulfs us. It evokes the Library of Babel of Jorge Borges and the minimalism of Robert Irwin or Donald Judd.

Insects; animals, fruits, flowers, trees, crystals..etc are the expression of a naturalized archeology of the world were the vegetable, animal and mineral coexist. David in this fantastic exhibition shows how the energy that is contained in the flesh and in chainlets  is carried by birds and flowers in a complex associative relations that maintain our biodiversity.


” I am interested in the dualities between beauty and ugliness. I believe that an object must have the two aspects to be fascinating”. David Altmedj