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On the upper right, a model of an antique Alfa Romeo. To the left of the alpha, John Efron’s ” book about German Jewry, placed on Pinchas Sade’s “Diaries”, placed on a collection of one hundred poems published by Helikon, placed on my Mac. To the left of that, a piece of a face that I tore out from Caravaggio book and next to it an ashtray with touches of gold, inside of it a seashell. Above the ashtray, a small basalt stone that I carried from the Golan Heights and above it, a box containing a cycle of works by the composer and bass player William Parker. Born with a pen name. To his left, a wooden cube by Joseph Beuys, on which are placed three tiny bottles of cognac, in case you notice. Below it, stones I collected. To the left of the stones rests the mass in B by Bach and under it some paperwork, a book by Avraham Halfi and the last Odyssey magazine in the pile, as a solid foundation. In the center of the picture below, lies Begaon. The book of Micah Ullman’s works is open.