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Far from the air breathed by noisy people, the distance separates you from the surfaces, it does not cover any of them, you have finished walking the labyrinth, circulating in the architectures, tasting its lines of flight, colliding with its angles, sliding through the programmed virtual circuits of the past where others tell you, you drive, the leaves of the trees hollow out in pockets of wind, you forget the road, only let the water gathers you.

The earth,the wind fall and flow, the water gathers, the water rises, the water rises in silence, connects night to day, grows on the horizon, the water trembles the wind, suspends the round flights, wrinkles the clouds, water collects the remaining crashes of frosts and blazes, water disperses the wandering flowerless flowers, water collects the weary clouds and the sweat of the earth, water recomposes the lost colonies, the water loses memory and marries all forgetfulness, the rain falls, the water wriggles, dazzles as far as the eye can see, the water cracks, springs up in the caves, gleans the seeds, takes shelter in the fruits, water will not extinguish the fire, water will prefer the night.