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Instead of the dialectic of moral laws, life comes within its rights: in The traditional antinomy of “Pick the fruits of the tree of life and do not pick those of the tree of wisdom (the science of good and evil)”, barely born, the hope of transforming the world is disappointed. And as a result of this ironical history, the results obtained were totally different from those expected. Schopenhauer will call it “blind will” of a titanic world, Nietzsche will call it “Dionysos“, Kant ” Seeeinhorn (the unicorn of the sea)” and Hieronymus Bosch “a strawberry“…this Perpetuum mobile against which it is absolutely necessary to fight because before everything you have to love life above all logic, you have to focus on the simple happiness of petting an animal. Life in its raw state. Hegel says something like: “the animal in itself always lives in paradise” meaning right here on earth… As far as I am concerned, my awareness of my finitude falsifies my entire journey. Tourist eager to see everything before departure… Could I at least send postcards to these billions of people who are certain of their home?