He who does not exist does not know
He who obeys does not suffer.

It’s up to the one who exists to know
Why to completely obey
Is never to suffer

When the Being is the one that bursts
Like the swell of the sea

You’ll never be set free
They’ll go right to the end as you toss and turn
You face the bitterest fate.

The fishes in the sea are dead
Because they chose not to be
To go right to the end without knowing anything
Of what you call obeying

God is the only one who refuses to obey
All the other beings do not yet exist
And they suffer
They suffer neither dead nor alive

« But in the end those who obey live
You can’t say that they don’t exist. »

« They live and they don’t exist.
Why? »

« Why? The door that separates the Being from obeying
Must be torn down! »

The Being is the one who imagines himself
To be sufficient to not need
To learn what the sea wants…

« But every little fish knows it! »

Antonin Artaud