Scattered shapes suspended in the air

Elongate the storm that is invading me

Slip away and reappear

Unload themselves weigh me down

Divide the days

No refuge in the mirrors

Clouds fringed in shades of white

After the storm the sky opens again

The blue of the sky becomes iridescent

Mingles the top with the edges

Reliefs run height which cannot find its roof

Multiplied elements

Mountainsides wash away memories

In the sky colonies of piloted satellites

Pass through the switch screens of a sleeping robot

This night has slipped over my face

Since this morning every hour has been the same

The fog has formed on the cockpit it’s snowing

The bottom watches the entrances

The doors have been smashed

Freedom in the great mess of the herd

Fuzzy logic is advised

The cracks in the three sided mirror

Prolong the illusion