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Enlarge the tunnel

Until you lose sight of its walls

Support the density of the miniaturized world

Invent windows

Spend time looking for the sextant

Listen to the scripts inventing words

That touch the heart and humanize the program

Leave the invisible aside

Put the silence in

Scatter the time from the origin

To the hollows of the microscopic edges

Appearance catches the eye

The mirror eye reflects a thousand available appearances

And only one unnoticed occupies the mind

Appearance are more powerful than substance

Leave space for archives

Enter the infinite present

Time no longer belongs to anyone


Time has eaten Kafka door


Fill the factory of memories

Where disks rust

Stop looking inside

Repeat the program sentences

Build a new field of vision

Where barbarian hordes rushed in

Imposing on silence of desolation

Drowning the flame of the sacred in streams

Leave the birds, and let everything become uniform again

Catch a theory as a parachute

Debate at the bottom of a clay well

קזימיר מלביץ, קומפוזיציה סופרמטיסטית, לבן על לבן