Although the world is matter, the impression we have of ourselves is watery. In the dark aquarium filled with dark water, we do not know the fishes that live in our depths. sometimes the tenant opens a new window, a door that he does not usually open and the water enters, penetrates and floods us. This what gives the impression that between the physicality of the world and the perception we have of ourselves exists a gap that nothing can fill.

The heart is ablaze when the retina is only sensitivity, expressing immediately and despite itself, the slightest material contact or the most insignificant local congestion or intoxication. when the heart is emotion and responds only to affects, the retina is instinct and responds only to light. place of passage, zone of transmission of the slightest signal, the retina is the source of the optical nerve, this long river which carries the flow of images to the visual cortex, mouth giving access to pure consciousness, this unfathomable ocean, where questions rarely find their answers and where the images collapse, powerless to illuminate the abyss that we are.