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“The invasion of science promises a very bright future for art. In it we will see our only friend and defender. It will end up being our only ID card.
Indeed! Imagine: when waking up one morning you will notice that by certain bio-physiological processes a second head has pushed behind you during the night, when frightened by this vision, you will lose your mind and you will no longer know which of these two heads is the real head, what can you do other than shout your horror, your revolt, your refusal, your despair… to cry out that you do not agree! This cry will find its poet … and testify that you have remained who you were yesterday.
As for me, I await the world of tomorrow, the scientific world, the confirmation of what Ferdydurke proclaims, on the distance from the form, on the non-identification with the form. The art of tomorrow will rise under this sign: the art of deformed men. They will consciously create a form for themselves (not even on the physical plane). But they won’t identify with it.”

Witold Gombrowicz