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  1. Language is a very thick skin
  2. But all stories are the story of inner surfaces and their metamorphosis.
  3. Behind all the small things that I hear, bigger ones are silent.
  4. Language contains the possibility to fail
  5. Talking blurs. Scrambles;
  6. Thickens the mystery, isolate and isolation is insoluble.
  7. I don’t know how to speak without tripping
  8. Words are powerless
  9. I want the in between: what remains when words are unused.
  10. I only have the usual opacity choice
  11. Persist in the opacity
  12. Hardening my life
  13. I wanted it less armed, without drops
  14. But this severity is for me
  15. Like an ego scriptor.
  16. Language is embarrassing, made of human trivialities
  17. Conversations about conversations, circumlocutions, distortion
  18. While in nature everything is direct, universal, and clear.