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I realize that the past has not disappeared , it is precisely etched in eternity.  I feel it more and more, as if it was  god himself who was moved by our memories, as if they were engraved in his depth like the most precious thing. The past is the only thing we can know. Every second of the present is already in the past. You don’t know the present, you can only be attentive, but everything that is happening before your eyes has already happened. The future simply does not exist. It is only this eternal tale, the past that demands your attention. It makes me remember Dante saying :

«Noi veggiam, come quei c’ha mala luce, le cose», disse, «che ne son lontano; cotanto ancor ne splende il sommo duce. 102 Quando s’appressano o son, tutto è vano nostro intelletto; e s’altri non ci apporta, nulla sapem di vostro stato umano. 105 Però comprender puoi che tutta morta fia nostra conoscenza da quel punto che del futuro fia chiusa la porta». ////

“We see, like those with faulty vision,
things at a distance, he replied. That much,
for us, the mighty Ruler’s light still shines.
‘When things draw near or happen now,
our minds are useless. Without the words of others
we can know nothing of your human state.
Thus it follows that all our knowledge
will perish at the very moment
the portals of the future close.”