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Man get lost in the city without limit.  Architects enlarged the tunnel until we lost sight of its walls. They support, strengthen, charge the density of the miniaturized world and then they invent windows to run away in slow motion.

“Already more than once I’ve been asked why I think or imagine a utopian country, a utopian world where everything will be good, in which we all will be good. Answering this, if you constantly compare yourself to the horror of this everyday life, can be a paradox, because what we have is nothing. You are rich if you have something that is more than material things. And I don’t believe in this materialism, this consummation society, this capitalism, this monstrosity that is perpetrated here, this enrichment of people who have no right to get rich behind our backs. I truly believe in something, and then I say ′′ a day will come “. And a day will come. Yes, it probably won’t come, because they’ve always destroyed it, it’s been so many millennia that they destroy it. It won’t come and nevertheless I believe it, because if I couldn’t believe it anymore, I couldn’t even write anymore.”

Ingeborg Bachmann

(Rome, October 17, 1973…)