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I recently saw Rafael Lozano-hemmer exhibition, untitled “unstable presence ” and I suddenly realized that the robots finally took power.

The Unfinished machines are the messengers of the future. For the punishment that we don’t speak to each other anymore, the rude and foul machines took possession of our desensitization.


But thanks to the robots trees became artificial ornementation for our thirst of virtual pornography.

Seasons shall be no more and violence of barren homes everywhere.

Empty Monasteries became their fitness rooms. And until exhaustion we will have to answer the robots idiotic and targeted questions. Digging our path to dematerialization. My glasses shall I need no more.



The AI’s anthropocentric machines make the puppeteer’s useful idiot smile before our unveiled bodies.

The corporeal communication will be confused with digital communication. Who needs carnality when we have Netflix ?

We will have to breathe recycled oxygen. Who needs fresh air when we have nanotechnology ? .


Robots now have our voice, the voice of a human being. Tomorrow, as a precaution, they will speak a language that will be untranslatable to us. Who needs a language when the world have lost its boundaries ?

Economists will be the new prophets for the robot messianic era. Algorithms, numbers and informational relations shall be the only religion.  Who needs insurrection, when we have abstraction ?