Today, I saw a fascinating exhibition  “The Library at Night” at the BanQ, directed by Robert Lepage. It is a 360° virtual exploration of 10 of the world’s most fascinating libraries. It was designed by the Ex Machina production company. Inspired by the essay of Alberto Manguel, the exhibition explores the philosophical architecture and social foundations on which all libraries rest.

Upton entering the exhibition, we step into a recreation of Manguel’s own library. Then we move to an immersive fores landscape that provides a sharp contrast to the rigorous order usually associated with temples of knowlege. Visitors then don headstes using 360° video immersion technology that take us from Sarajevo’s National Library to Mexico City’s Megabibliotheca, the stunning digital age Biblioteca Vasconcelos and from legendray city of Alexandira to the bottom of the sea aboard Captain’s Nemo Nautilus.

It was a wonderful Journey.